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As a martial art, Aikido aims to redirect an attacker's energy rather than inflict harm. Aikidosts move toward and blend with attacks, transforming them into spiral throws. Often called a defensive or non-aggressive art, its masters are amoung the finest martial artists in the world.

Aikido of Tamalpais was founded in 1976 by George Leonard, Richard Heckler and Wendy Palmer, who recieved their black belts from Robert Nadeau and Frank Doran. Visit our YouTube page to see some videos of kyu tests, clips of seminars, and our classes.

The best way to begin training in aikido is to come and observe a basics class, and speak to the intructor about signing up. In basic classes the fundamental principals of aikido are taught and practiced. We offer basics classes several days a week. After a couple of months of attending basics classes, students are invited to attend general classes as well. In general classes we build upon the basics, exploring more complex movements.

In order to safely train, all students are encouraged to follow basic rules that help to ensure a safe and friendly dojo. Please take the following guidelines seriously.

1. When entering or leaving the dojo, it is proper to bow in the direction of the kamiza. You should also bow when entering or leaving the mat area.
2. Remove your shoes as you enter the Dojo. No shoes on the mat.
3. Be on time for class. If you do happen to arrive late, sit quietly in seiza on the edge of the mat until the instructor grants permission to join practice.
4. If you should have to leave the mat or dojo for any reason during class, approach the instructor and let them know.
5. Avoid sitting on the mat with your back to the picture of O Sensei. Also, do not lean against the walls or sit with your legs stretched out.
6. Remove watches, rings and other jewelry before practice.
7. Do not coach, or teach others, unless the instructor asks for your help.
8. Please keep your finger and toe nails cut short.
9. Please keep talking during class to a minimum.
10. Carry out the directives of the instructor PROMPTLY. Do not keep the rest of the class waiting for you!
11. Do not engage in rough-housing or needless contests of strength during class.
12. Keep your training uniform clean, in good shape, and free of offensive odors.
13. Please pay your membership dues promptly. If, for any reason, you are unable to pay your dues on time, talk with the person in charge of dues collection. Sometimes special rates are available for those experiencing financial hardship.
14. Do not change your clothes on the mat.
15. Remember that you are here to learn, and not to gratify your ego. An attitude of receptivity and humility is therefore advised.
16. Preserve common-sense standards of decency and respect at all times.

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